The AECOM Team

Our AECOM NSWBI project team has many years of practical experience with benchmarking, asset management, and with all facets of delivering solid waste management solutions and services. We bring the practitioner's perspective to meeting the needs of our clients.

Project Management

Jodi Tomchyshyn London - Project Manager (Alberta)

JodiJodi is a seasoned researcher and project manager with 17 years’ experience specializing in research, development, and implementation of waste minimization and recycling policies and programs. This includes: 10 years’ government experience designing regulations and policies to support recycling systems; four years’ experience overseeing EPR program implementation at Waste Diversion Ontario; two years’ experience as an Executive Director operating Alberta’s Used Oil Materials recycling program.

Over the past four years, Jodi has operated her own company, JTL Squared Consulting Inc., where she has provided consulting services to various clients, such as: the Beverage Container Management Board; Ocean Legacy Foundation; the Alberta Bottle Depot Association; Fisheries & Oceans Canada (as a sub-contractor); the Solid Waste Association of North America; the BC Bottle and Recycling Depot Association; Nova Scotia’s Municipal Priorities Group (as a sub-contractor); CCME (as a sub-contractor); Canadian Electrical Stewardship Association; Cleanfarms; and the Alberta Used Oil Management Association.

Jodi has been involved with the NSWBI since 2018 and will continue to provide her consulting services on the federal and provincial waste management regulatory framework section of our Annual Summary Report.

Technical Advisors

Steve Johnson - Waste Services Manager Canada (Alberta)

SteveSteve is the Canada Waste Services Manager. Steve has over 25 years of solid waste management experience. He is experienced in the solid waste management field as a regulator, landfill manager, and consultant. Mr. Johnson is involved in solid waste management studies, landfill siting studies, landfill design, transfer station design, landfill master plans, operations plans, environmental monitoring plans, fill plans, compliance audits, and related environmental studies and regulatory applications. He is also an instructor for the SWANA Northern Lights Chapter landfill operator basics, leachate management, and manager of landfill operations courses. While at the Government of Alberta, he was instrumental in the development of the Standards for Landfills in Alberta and initiating the Standards for Composting in Alberta.

Steve will provide technical expertise throughout the NSWBI 2020 year and will conduct senior review of the Annual Summary Report.

Marie Wardman - Senior Geological Engineer (Ontario)

MarieMarie has over 19 years of experience specifically related to consulting on landfill and waste management facility projects. Marie’s involvement in these projects has included: management of multi-disciplinary teams; management of project budgets, scope and schedule; application of her technical expertise in groundwater contamination and subsurface gas migration; ECA Amendment Applications, preparation of design and operation reports and closure plans, financial assurance estimates, remaining waste volume determination, final contours, contaminating lifespan calculations and presentations to regulatory agencies and the public.

Data Analysis and Project Support

Lisa McLenon - Project Manager (Ontario)

LisaLisa McLenon is a Senior Environmental Technologist with AECOM’s Whitby office. She is also a staff manager in the Ontario Remediation Team having over 13 years of experience in waste management including landfill and other waste facility design and operations plans, facility closure plans, environmental compliance and approvals, environmental monitoring plans, regulatory applications and financial assurance.

Lisa is excited to be working as the NSWBI 2020 Project Manager. She has been a team member with the NSWBI since 2018. She will be responsible for client communication, project scheduling, data management, and summary workshop facilitation.

Hunter Duchscherer - Engineer-In-Training (Edmonton)

HunterHunter is an environmental EIT in the Edmonton office. She graduated from the Civil-Environmental engineering program at the University of Alberta in 2019. In her final year, completed a capstone project designing a water treatment plant including the granular filtration system and residual waste treatment. She has performed construction inspection services for landfill cell and compost facility development and was responsible for quality assurance testing such as in-situ soil moisture/density testing, survey confirmation checks, and geotechnical sampling. Ms. Duchscherer also has experience developing waste management feasibility plans, construction completion reports, construction specifications and conducting waste audits.


Hunter will be involved with the NSWBI in 2022 providing project support in data management, collection and review.