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Who Should Participate?

We invite all municipalities and regional governments from across the nation, independent of community size or geographical location, type of solid waste collection and treatment system, or previous benchmarking experience to participate in and take advantage of this initiative.

You may want to know how solid waste is managed in other parts of the country or you may want to evaluate the performance of your waste management system and compare it with a community of similar size. The NSWBI provides opportunity to do so. By listening to the needs, wants, and goals of our participants, we together form the Initiative and select the performance measures currently relevant to the ever changing field of solid waste management. The Initiative will allow you to examine a variety of solid waste system approaches, the evolution of these systems, effective service delivery, program costs and funding mechanisms, and opportunities for improving solid waste management services.

  • Provides “apples to apples” comparisons between solid waste management systems of different sizes, characteristics and geographic locations/demographics
  • Develops peer-to-peer relationships and fosters open communication
  • Establishes common goals amongst participants
  • Identifies opportunities to improve performance that include identification and documentation of “Best Practices”;
  • Provides participants with tools to assess the performance of their programs and evaluate areas for improvement;
  • Provides a valuable tool for communicating to Councils, Boards, and other stakeholders;
  • Facilitates workshops and discussions to identify management and functional level process improvements that increase efficiency, effectiveness, and the potential for more cost-effective program delivery; and
  • Provides quality leadership – AECOM provides access to senior professionals with International and Canadian solid waste management experience.