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Examples Figures/Graphs

Once the data collection phase is complete, all community data is compiled and presented in figures/graphs to allow for an “apples-to-apples” comparison. Three examples of figures generated as part of the NSWBI are shown below.

  • A pie chart is generated for each community to show a breakdown of the solid waste management system costs. (figure below).
  • The public education cost per capita is compared for each community (figure below).
  • Waste flow diagrams are generated to represent each community’s unique solid waste management system. (figure below).

NSWBI Presentations

Each year, the AECOM team provides technical webinars and presentations relevant to the goals determined most important to the NSWBI members. Presentations and webinars are tailored to the needs of the participating communities and are used to facilitate discussion at annual workshops. Examples of previous presentations are provided below.

Public Report